For the protection of all delegates and accompanying persons, to attend the conference and dinner, you will need to provide evidence acceptable to the IAD organizers and if required, to the relevant host country authorities that shows:
• You have completed the vaccination cycle against the COVID 19 virus with one of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency at least 14 days prior to attendance at the Conference; or
• You have recovered from the COVID-19 disease.

By registering for the conference, you agree to the following Delegate Code of Conduct and all venue precaution notifications:
• You will not attend the Conference if you are displaying any COVID symptoms.
• Should you develop any COVID symptoms during your attendance at the Conference, or you receive any notification from any source that you have been exposed to a COVID risk you will immediately:
• inform a member of the IAD staff by email (;
• comply with all local and national restrictions.
• You travel at your own risk, and you agree that the IAD organizers cannot be held responsible if you contract COVID during the Conference or after returning from the Conference.
• You agree to the extent permitted by law that you shall not hold the IAD organizers responsible for:
• any travel costs incurred for travelling to and from the Conference;
• any travel costs that may be irrecoverable due to the cancellation or postponement of the Conference;
• any losses or liabilities associated with contracting COVID whether on the way to, during or after the Conference.
• You agree that, if asked by the relevant local or national authorities, the IAD staff has permission to pass on your personal information and contact details to those authorities should contact tracing be required.
• If you do not comply with the above criteria, you might be refused entry to the Conference.

Delegate Code of Conduct
• Temperature (under 38° C) and vaccination checks will be operational upon arrival at the Conference venue.
• Face masks should be worn when moving around the venue and in the Conference rooms where delegates will be located for longer periods. This is also subject to local or national restrictions (where the most restrictive practices will apply).
• It is recommended that delegates regularly use the hand sanitisers which will be available for use at the Conference.
• Delegates are recommended not to share or mix drinking or eating utensils and should dispose of any napkins and other papers or disposable products promptly in waste receptacles.

Venue precautions (these are also subject to the competent Italian authorities’ requirements at the time of the Conference)
• Socially distanced movement and seating rules will be followed. These will comply with relevant national restrictions of the venue location at the time of the Conference.
• Food and drink will be provided according to the relevant local or national Covid precaution requirements of the venue location at the time of the Conference.
• Conference venue meeting and catering rooms will be deep cleaned prior to the IAD Conference.
• Conference venue staff and IAD staff will wear face masks when moving around the venue.

Please note, these terms are subject to any more restrictive or different local requirements and may be altered and amended from time to time to reflect any changes to restrictions or governmental requirements.